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Energy and Emotions Affects us all

April 4, 2017


  I wanted this to be my first post and get all your views and opinions on it. I have noticed the last few months the energy around is is changing, people are quick to anger, they get online and downgrade people they don't even know. Nothing has made me more aware of this then spending time in certain live feeds, yes folks I have been watching the feeds about April the Giraffe that's due to have a wee little one. There are many chat rooms people can go to that host this live feed and out of maybe  feeds I have found  pleasant chat room. The folks there are considerate and helpful to anyone who comes in an ten Boom it happens, you have people that come in complaining "how long it takes" Shes not really pregnant right down to the lowest comment I saw was " I wonder how good giraffe tastes" ? I could not believe my eyes when i read this. Of course it was said to rile people but why? I dont understand the thinking behind this. Then we have people teenagers even kids of all ages that are so bullied online they do the unthinkable. Yes we all loose our temper at times as we are human but the hate being spewed to innocent peole has reached an all time high. I am by no means perfect and said a few words in anger but dont make it my daily habit to make others feel less about themselves. 

   A few years ago people would great one another with respect and friendship, Id hear words like Love N light or Namaste...Where did they go?We can no longer blame our emotions on the government or worlds issues, what we must do as living spiritual beings must look deep inside ourselves and Think before we Speak,or take the time to say hello to someone who maybe having a bad day.A smile, please and thank you can turns someones life around...


  This is my opinion on this now id like to hear yours!!!Send comments foe me to post or post them below this...Remember be nice!!!



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Whats the Problem

Getting a Good Reading

August 29, 2015

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