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Why some people want to find and kill Bigfoot

June 22, 2016


 I wanted to write a blog n this topic because of the shows I have been seeing on tv, I am still on the fence as to whether these creatures exist.There have been an infux of shows as to whether their real or a hoax. Some of the evidence that I have seen show me that this creature is entirely possible, but that leads me to one show I have seen that I truly do not understand their way of thinking and why their motives are what they are.


   I will not name the show but if you have seen it I am positive that you know which one I am talking about. The premise is a group of trappers and hunters  get calls from people who have a problem with Bigfoot on their land, possibly hurting their animals etc. The team then goes talks to the home owner about what has been happening, the rest is basic tv show idea,but, this said team is out to KILL a BigFoot to prove it is alive!!!! Please explain to me why we need to Kill something to prove it exists. They say then they can take it to scientists to study exactly what this creature is and ways of protecting them from other hunters who simply want a trophy. Is that not how we need to do this? Why can we not Tranq the creature, keep it in a safe place an study it  humanely? BigFoots if real have existed for as long as they have, by hiding. I say man don't need to know everything. Leave the creature alone and let it simply live as it has for years, away from man, This is just another excuse to capture, kill and study something we don't understand. Leave them alone!!!!   What are your thoughts and ideas on this topic, Id loveto hear them

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Getting a Good Reading

August 29, 2015

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