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Journey of Soul

August 29, 2015


I am Rock
Solid,, imprisoned by time.
Bleached by desert winds unchanging.

I am tree of forest green
Stretching deep inside mother earth. 
Wind song plays me in gentle dance.
My crowning limbs embrace the sky.

I am fire of warm embrace.
I am the kiss of sun on face.

I am salmon 
Swimming upstream
Fighting gravity of river
heeding Soul's instinctual call.
Risking all - to reach for home.

 I am mountain.
Weathered by season's brutality
A hidden glacier from deep within
Yields to the touch of midday sun.

Releasing a stream of tears 
Silently flowing 
Down valley's of time
Until we reach home-
The ocean of Love and Mercy.

 Leonard Gierach...

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Whats the Problem

Getting a Good Reading

August 29, 2015

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