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Crystals & Their Properties

August 29, 2015

Everyone is fascinated by crystals and the qualities that each one has to enhance their lives. Their are literally thousands of crystals out there. On this page I am going to be listing a few along with the qualities they have, if you have a crystal you wish to know about post it here and I will be more then happy to post it for you.

   Apache Tears: Grief, and allows forgiveness.
   Aquamarine: Good for love and mercy.
   Banded Agate: Good luck
   Bloodstones: Reduces irritability.   
   Blue Lace Agate: Heals the throat chakra
   Blue Quartz: Helps one to reach out to others.
   Blue Tiger Eye: Alleviates the fear of flying
   Calcite ( Blue) : Gentle stone for relaxation.
   Calcite ( Clear): Stone of new beginnings.
   Calcite ( Green): Soothes mental, emotional and physical stress.
   Calcite ( Orange): Stone for happiness.
   Calcite ( Red): Increases Energy.
   Calcite ( Yellow); Aids in pursuing your life's purpose.
   Citrine: Attracts prosperity.
   Clear Quartz: Holding a clear quartz crystal in your hand doubles your bio magnetic field. Master healer and can be used for any condition.
   Desert Rose: Represents pure love which is the highest vibration. Good for meditation.
   Emerald: Physical and emotional healing.
   Fluorite ( Green): Hormone balance.Good for PMS and menopause.
   Fluorite ( Purple Rainbow): Improves memory.
   Gold Tigers Eye: Good for luck, and public speaking, is also good for protection.
   Green Adventurine: Good for luck
   Green Moss Agate: Attracts abundance.
   Hematite: A very good grounding stone.Dissolves negativity from entering the aura.
   Jade: Stone of wisdom.
   Malachite: Brings harmony into ones life.
   Moonstone: Balances yin/yang. Good for PMS.
   Obsidian: Good for decision making.
  Peacock ore: Often called a stone of joy.
  Red Tigers Eye: Overcomes lethargy and provides motivation.
  Rose Quartz: Emotional balancer, stone of unconditional love.
  Rutilated Quartz: is said to contain the light of the sun.Helpful in lifting depression.
  Smokey Quartz: Good for stress or depression.
  Snowflake Obsidian: Releases anger.
  Sodalite: Meditation.
  Tourmaline (Black): Inspiritation,self-confidence.
  Tourmaline ( Green): Promote male balance and physical healing.
  Tourmaline ( Pink): Promote female balance and protection.
  Unikite: Balances physical/emotions.

      Of course this is just some of the many type crystals, the list is long and detailed. When picking your crystals allow them to choose you just like a tarot deck. You will feel the pull to buy that certain stone which is their way of calling you that you need them in your life. Not only are crystals beautiful to own, their beneficial for spiritual uses. 


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