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August 29, 2015

Guardian Angels: Everyone has a Guardian Angel. We all have doubts from time to time that we have them, and sometimes we even wonder if we deserve them. Have no doubt we ALL have a Guardian Angel with us, guaranteed. This is an Angel who stays with you constantly from birth to our transition back to heaven. This Angels love for you is unconditional, and greater than anything or anyone on earth. Your Guardian Angel makes certain you are safe and guided.

    Guardian Angels are sometimes confused with ” Spirit Guides”. The difference between the two is quite simple actually. A spirit guide is a loving being who has lived before upon the earth in human form. Spirit Guides act in the capacity of Guardian Angels, in that they bring many gifts to our lives. The main difference is that “true” Guardian Angels have never walked as mortals upon the earth. They have a higher vibrating energy. People who are empathic, who can “feel” the sensation of the spiritual presence, can tell the difference between an Angelic and spiritual presence.  Some Clairvoyants see that Angels come as bright white light, and spirit guides energy field is not quite as bright and may at times appear bluish white.
  Angels: These are beings of light who come to our calls for guidance, assistance, protection and comfort. The Angels are here to help us, most especially when our intent is to bring  joy and healing to the world. You may ask for however many Angels to surround your loved ones, your home and your business. The Angels take great joy from helping us and the only thing they ask in return is for us to remember to say Thank-You in gratitude for their help.

   Arch Angels: These are the Angels that supervise the Guardian Angels as well as the angels upon the earth. You can call upon an Archangel when you need powerful and immediate assistance.

Since Angels are pure spiritual beings , they have no time or space restrictions. An Archangel can help many people in different places simultaneously. So never worry about calling upon an Angel because you fear that your need is not large enough or that the Angel may be busy. Your call for help is like sweet music to the Angels ears.

The Archangels: Each Archangel specialize in a different human condition. It is always helpful to know which Archangel handles which so you will know which one to call in your time of need. Here are the 4 major Archangels.

Archangel Michael: We often call him ” Michael”, ” ST. Michael”, since the pope names him patron saint of “Police Officers and Soldiers”. Michael is the defender of light and goodness. His chief role is to escort fallen people away so they do no harm to others. Michael and his assistant Angels also known as ” The band of Mercy” take negatively minded people ( living and deceased) to the light of God, where their minds are healed.

    Call upon Michael whenever you feel frightened by negative sources. If you are in a crowd of people with abundant negative emotions, ask Michael to cleanse away the negativity. if you feel that an evolved earthbound spirit is with you, call upon Michael to  lead them into the light.

   Often paintings of Michael show him with the scales of justice in his hand. The reason for this is, he is the over seer of truth and fairness. If you feel you are being treated unfairly by someone call upon Michael to intervene, dont be too surprised when this person suddenly calls you with an apology or change of heart.

   I find it is a good idea to invite Michael’s presence into any room being a house or office that has a negative energy or “feel”. For example, if you recently purchased or acquired a new home that had previously been owned by unhappy or negative people it is always a good idea to invite Michael to purify the environment. 

   Whenever your upset, call upon Michael to restore harmony and peace. if upon your travel you go into a neighborhood or area and you feel unsafe call upon Michael to guide and protect you. You can also ask him to intervene into partnerships or marriages that are suffering from discord.

  So in conclusion think of Archangel Michael as the protector of joy, harmony and safety and you will always know when it is time to call for help.

Archangel Gabriel: Gabriel is the famous Angel who told the virgin Mary of her impending birth. This Archangel is God’s messenger who brings us new of forthcoming events, changes on the horizon and new experiences in store for us. Gabriel provides a lot of help to humanly messengers, including journalists and couriers. Expectant or want to be parents can invite Gabriel into their lives to help supervise the conception and or birth of a new child. Anyone involved in a new project of any sort is wise to ask for Gabriel s assistance and advice.

   The Archangel Gabriel also breaths new life into stale relationships and luck luster. Ask Gabriel to resurrect any part of your life that feels “stuck”. You will receive creative ideas and new opportunities to help get you moving again. Many people believe that  Gabriel is in charge of visions, dreams, and revelations. Ask for Gabriel s help in interpreting any of your dreams that seem mystifying. 

Archangel Uriel: Archangel Uriel brings divine light into our lives. he is wonderful at healing our painful memories and transforming our regrets and mistakes so we feel strong and more loving. Ask Uriel to take your burdens related to the past. He will instantly ease your heart and mind of old unforgiveness held towards yourself or others.

   This Archangel helps to see love in situations where we feel that none exist. For example, if you are having a difficult relationship with co-workers, bosses, or customers ask Uriel to help you. He will guide you and the other person in miraculous ways so that you will see the good that is inside all of us. With Uriel”s help you may forget why you were ever angry or fearful toward the people at work in the first place.
   Folklore says that Uriel warned Noah of the coming flood. This Archangel helps during times of disaster such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and torrential rains.

  Ask Uriel to help you whenever you feel fear about these situations. he may guide you to move to a different locale or prepare your home for maximum safety. Uriel helps families to stay safe and intact during natural disasters.

  If your life feels like one giant shifting earthquake , ask Uriel to re-orient your mind and thoughts to regain peace of mind. Uriel helps us to establish a calm and centered life. 

   Uriel also helps us to fulfill our goals and dreams. He offers help completely, including giving is ideas, keeping us encouraged and motivated, and helping us to manifest the material supplies we need for our projects.  invite Uriel to be your partner in anything you work on.

Archangel Raphael: Raphael is in charge of all forms of healing needs of the earth and also its population. Raphael guides and helps people involved in the healing arts, such as doctors, practitioners, nurses, counselors, ecologists, and scientists. However they can always ask for additional help which Raphael is happy to provide.

   If you currently work in the healing profession invite Raphael into your life. He will whisper guidance in your ear.He also gives us creative ideas and needed information so that we can rapidly heal other people. Raphael steps in during medical crisis to ensure miraculous ” coincidences” line up all the right personnel and medical supplied with immaculate timing. Raphael is wonderful in helping scientists to create new break throughs in medical cures. So it is wise for all of us to pray for Raphael s help with health issues that confound the scientific community.

   Those who aspire to be healers are the darlings of Archangel Raphael. This Archangel knows the earth needs many of these special people, and he miraculously helps would be  healers to enter their chosen profession. He can more easily help these people when they are free of tension and fear. So leave all your concerns and worries about your future healing career to Raphael. 

   If you or a loved one needs healing Raphael is the Archangel to call upon. Except for cases where a persons death or illness is part of  their over all divine plan.

   Raphael also has a second specialty. He guides and protects travelers  of all sorts. Whether your on a spiritual journey or a trip to Europe call upon Raphael to smooth the way.

   To Angels or Archangels no job is too “big” or “small”. All miracles are equally important to these beings who love with all the might of God. All they ask in return , is that we thank them for their help, share their devotion to God, and we fill our lives with joy and service.


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