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Angel Message Boards

August 29, 2015

  I myself have made my view very well known many times on the Ouija boards, I do not like them and I wish they would be pulled from the market, however, the Angel Message Boards are entirely different. These boards were created with the sole purpose of communicating with your angels. I myself own one of these boards. The board itself is beautiful, full of colors and nature scenes, the planchette  or the pointer is in the shape of an Angel.  I do not feel there is any similarity to the Angel Board and the Ouija. The Angel board was created for the sole purpose of communication with your angels, not spirits. Just to be on the safe side you can always say a prayer to your Angels before you begin.
   Upon opening your board and laying it out, I always use a scent of Jasmine in the air as Angels to me anyways always come with the smell of Jasmine , Light a few candles ( any color, I prefer pink) and say a prayer. Something like this, of course you can always make up your own, as your spoken word is the most powerful. Angels I call upon thee today to communicate with me through this tool, I open the board and myself to your words and your wisdom, I do NOT allow any other spirit to come through this board as this is used for my communication with my angels. Angels I ask that you protect me and surround the board and myself from other energies. 

That prayer will ask for protection and show you want Angelic Communication ONLY!

  Just like the ouija though this is not a  toy, it is to be used with the highest and the best for yourself and out of respect for your Angelic helpers. It may not always work the first time but keep trying eventually they will send many messages of love and guidance for you. Always remember to close with a small prayer and a thank you to your Angels.


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Getting a Good Reading

August 29, 2015

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