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Angel Eyes

August 29, 2015

    As an angel communicator I have heard many personal experiences over the years and so I wanted to write a blog about them. Many people have encountered Angels in their life especially in times of need and tragedy.  Now since Angels have never walked in human form it would take a strong event for them to appear as a human, which has happened and there have been several accounts of this over the years, very well documented accounts and some not so well known but have a grand meaning just the same. As many know angels cannot interfere with a persons freewill but they can come to one when that person is in dire need. The following two stories although not accurately written here, have been documented cases and these are examples of the stories I have read.  Again these are fictional for this blog but the point of each story is true.

       It started out to be a fun filled day, John was meeting his friends at the beach and was looking forward to a day of fun in the sun. Although he had quite the drive ahead of him he knew if he started out early he would make it in plenty of time to enjoy quite the day. He packed his car with enthusiasm, and started out, the traffic on the freeway was heavy so he decided to take an alternative route on the mountain roads. Although very windy, the sun was shining and the traffic wasn’t heavy at all. he put on his favorite Cd rolled down the window and drove the windy roads to his destination. As he rounded the curve that’s when it all happened, a truck coming towards him in the wrong lane, nothing John could do to avoid it but swerve. As he swerved he lost control of his car and went over the embankment. He lost consciousness. When john came to he knew things were bad, the pain was immeasurable, and every time he tried to move any part of his body the pain was so intense he almost blacked out. Thats when he saw her, a woman walking towards the wreck, slowly and surrounded with a blinding white light, which at the time he put in his mind was the sun in his eyes, but this light was much different. She bent down beside John and in the softest voice said to him, ” Dont move help is on the way and your going to be alright”, just being in the presence of this woman the pain felt as if it all went away, and he felt a comfort that he had never felt before. It was at that moment he saw them, “her eyes”. She had the most exquisite set of eyes. Blue as the sea, words could never describe the colors that illuminated from this woman’s eyes , he took her hand and blacked out. As john came to the woman was gone and in her place were emergency rescuers pulling him up the embankment, as they did this he asked one of them where she went so he could thank her for staying with him until they could come. The man said to John that there was no woman around and that the rescue call had come in as anonymous.

       Emily sat outside in the park by the edge of the water way, in her hand she held a handful of pills. She was middle aged, her marriage of many years had just ended much to her surprise and she had no children to bring joy to her life. She felt empty, she felt sorrow, and that there was nothing left for her anymore. She pondered her life, and her death for hours, the more she thought the more she knew it was best if she just go ahead and take these pills, after all who was left for her. She took a deep breath put her hand to her mouth and it was at that moment she heard “excuse me” , she looked up and saw the outline of a woman standing there, she replied “yes”? The woman bent over and whispered something in her ear, smiled and walked away. Emily was shocked, she got up, walked to the trash and tossed the pills away. In the days, weeks and months that followed Emily went back to school, became a nurse in a children s hospital, where she tended to cancer patients. As Emily recalls the events of that say the one thing that stands out to her was the woman’s “eyes”, They were blue, almost ice blue, a blue that words cannot describe. She never told anyone what the woman told her that day, the only detail she will repeat is about the woman’s eyes and how they changed her life in an instant.

   Many stories such as these have been repeated over time and each time, the one point that makes them all the same is the “eyes” of the person who they meet, and how upon meeting this person their lives were changed or saved in some way. They all also know that their lives were changed by the visitation of an Angel. So although they have never walked in human form they can in certain situations appear to someone in human form, but the one thing that each and every single one quality is the same, is the “eyes”. So next time your feeling low, and dont feel like life has anything to offer, listen to the advice from the stranger who approaches you, and pay close attention to the eyes, What color they are and what message they bring to you.

   Angels Bless and Keep u safe and surround you with love always.


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August 29, 2015

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