Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find some of the common questions I have been asked, and have seen, by clients over the years. If you have other questions feel free to hit the "Contact" link above!

If you're so psychic why can't you give me the lotto numbers?


Simply put, that's just not how readings work. We are here to facilitate the connection between you and Sprit, in a variety of ways. Be it mediumship, where you connect with your loved ones who have passed on... or guide readings, or angel readings, etc... We are here to learn; and we have to ask... what would be learned by simply giving the lotto? And most importantly, if that were possible, what would be the point of the lotto at all?

More coming soon!


Thanks so much for your patience as we grow the page! As we see repeat questions they, along with their answers, will be listed here!

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