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Hello and welcome to my Bio page, my name is Jody. I welcome each and everyone to read my bio, get to know me a little better and know how I work, how long and the ethics that I hold when working with someone like yourself. So sit back and get to know me on a more personal, and spiritual level.
          Like I stated above my name is Jody and I work as a Medium/ Angel Communicator and a Reiki Healer. From a very young age I knew there was something very different about myself, I never felt I “fit” in anywhere or with anyone. I was always very much alone and felt something was missing. One day I came across a reader at a local fair and I knew immediately I wanted to know more about what she was doing. I spent many years reading every book on psychics, mediums, you name it I read about it. Then it clicked, I knew I was reading about myself. I taught myself to “tune” into others energy, and get to know them on another level then just the physical one. I always kept this to myself and was very private about what I felt, heard, seen and sensed. I was a sponge for information and soaked up everything i read. This started my journey into reading people
      It was later in my teen years my beloved father passed away which really kicked in my need to “know”. I took a new turn on my path, my mediumship development. Again I read everything, I read all the development books and became a very strong self taught medium. I see spirits in my minds eye and yes sometimes as clearly as I would if you stood before me. I receive their messages through symbols and words, sometimes they will also play a song in my head as a message to a loved one.

Later in my life I moved to Buffalo Ny, where I found a very tiny town called Lilydale. It is a spiritualist community and I felt at home the moment I walked through the gates. It was there I flourished doing my readings, I took classes, mediumship circles and was also taught privately by several of the mediums in lilydale. It was also while living outside of Buffalo and working daily on my abilities I discovered I could also communicate with the angelic realm.

  Now here it is some 20 odd years later and I work full time as a Spiritual Adviser. I don’t like to call myself Psychic as there is so much more to what I do. I have this website that was built from the heart, I also do readings from my home as well. Each and every single one of the readings i do I make sure the client knows for absolute sure who the message is coming from. I am very boldly honest, sincere, ethical and all my readings come from love for you and your higher self. I will never give you promises of a bright and rosey future if that is not what I see. What i see, hear, feel, smell is the message you can be certain you will receive.
  Now I live back in Canada, I am married to the love of my life David going on 15 years, we live in our first home we bought together. We have 1 cat, two dogs and a home filled with the love of angels and spirit. You will rarely see me online and working on the weekend as this is my family time, which to me is very important to have. Now that you have gotten to know me a little better I do hope that you will allow me to help you with what brought you to the site.  I will work on your reading with all the senses I use, communicate with your angels, guides and loved ones to help you. Allow me to walk you down your life’s path and be the hand that helps when the road gets a little bumpy. May Spirit, Angels and all your spiritual teachers bless and keep you always…Jody.
Jody has been giving spiritual guidance in the live and online communities for over 20 years; including time spent as a senior reader with such prominent sites as Global Psychics. She is also a certified Reiki healer, having studied intently within the spiritual community of LilyDale in New York. Jody was born with the gift of second sight, meaning she sees, hears and feels angels and spirits. She uses these experiences and gifts to provide guidance to adults and children alike; teaching them that our given abilities are a gift and nothing to fear. Join with us as we get to know Jody and as she uses these abilities to connect you with your angels and with the loved ones walking every day by your side.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What being psychic means to Jody from Jody…
              "To me, being psychic is a part of what and who we are; it is what is in our hearts and our souls. It’s being in touch with that little spark of knowledge that we all hold inside. In all the years that I’ve been doing this work I have had people say to me “What a wonderful gift you have.” I do not view being a psychic as a gift but more of an honor and privilege. I find it an honor that God or Spirit has given me the ability to hear the messages from those who so many people seek. I considered it an honor that they have entrusted me with the ability to guide and at the same time change someone’s life. People come to us with their deepest fears and questions and I feel that they allow us the privilege to see deep inside and guide them. Whether the message comes from Angels, Guides, or the other side, we can never take this ability we have lightly. We are given the messages for the highest good of all involved and to aid someone on their life’s path. I can say that at times I am humbled by the ability I have to help others and that is the main reason for doing this, is to help all that seek it."   *****8

All my furbabies both living and deceased

MY FUR BABIES: STORM upper left), MIA(center), SHADOW (cat) and FREEWAY (bottom)

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